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eCopy Desktop/eCopy PaperWorks™ Supported Versions

eCopy supports the current Major Release (and related Point Releases) and the most recent prior Major Release (and all related Point Releases).

Current product versions and the support status for previous products and versions:

  • eCopy Desktop 8.x - No longer shipping, support discontinued as of July 2009
  • eCopy Desktop 9.x - Shipping until October 2009, currently supported

Note the following:

  • eCopy PaperWorks is the successor product to eCopy Desktop
  • Products or product versions not listed in the above table have been discontinued

Frequently Asked Questions

I have eCopy Desktop with a current Maintenance & Support agreement, how do I obtain eCopy PaperWorks?
If you are a registered eCopy Desktop 9.x or 8.x user with current M&S coverage, you can obtain eCopy PaperWorks through the eCopy Upgrade Center. To login, go to, and then click on "Upgrades" to go to the Product Upgrade Center where you can access the eCopy PaperWorks download. You can register your eCopy Desktop product at the same site. You will need a valid product key or serial number.

If I'm under Maintenance & Support is there any additional cost to moving to eCopy PaperWorks?
There are no additional costs for users with eCopy Desktop under a current M&S agreement to start using eCopy PaperWorks.

How long do I qualify for a free copy of eCopy PaperWorks?
eCopy Desktop 9.x or 8.x users can move to eCopy PaperWorks any time during the term of their M&S Agreement.

What happens to my eCopy Desktop Maintenance & Support coverage if I decide to migrate to eCopy PaperWorks?
When you migrate to eCopy PaperWorks, any time remaining on your eCopy Desktop M&S Agreement will carry over to cover eCopy PaperWorks.

My Maintenance & Support Agreement for eCopy Desktop has expired. Can I renew it in order to qualify for eCopy PaperWorks?
If you are running eCopy Desktop 9.x or 8.x, your M&S Agreement can be renewed up to six (6) months from the release of eCopy PaperWorks, or up until January 2010. To replace eCopy Desktop with eCopy PaperWorks at no additional cost, you must bring you M&S coverage current by paying all past due fees.

If Maintenance & Support has expired, how do I renew it?
If you do not have a valid M&S Agreement, please contact your eCopy dealer to renew or call eCopy at +1.603.324.8330.

How can I tell if my Maintenance & Support agreement is still valid?
To review or create a registration account, go to On the "Registered Products" page, click "View/Add Support" from the Actions drop down menu to see the M&S Agreement expiration date.

Can I still get support for eCopy Desktop?
If you are running a supported version of eCopy Desktop and have a valid Maintenance & Support agreement, you may continue to receive technical support.

Will eCopy provide future bug fixes and Service Packs for eCopy Desktop?
eCopy will continue to provide bug fixes and Service Packs for supported versions of eCopy Desktop. No further enhancements or changes to functionality are planned.

Can I continue to use a version of eCopy Desktop that is no longer supported?
You can continue to use your eCopy Desktop software. However, it will not be supported or maintained by eCopy after it has entered the end of support phase.

I'm using a version of eCopy Desktop that is no longer supported. Can I still migrate to eCopy PaperWorks?
If you are running a version of eCopy Desktop that is earlier than version 8.0, you cannot migrate and will need to purchase eCopy PaperWorks at the then current license price.

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