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Introducing OmniPage Cloud Service

Give your applications the power to capture, connect and convert.

Your application can have OCR added in less than a day.

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To create a successful application you need an edge. OmniPage OCR is your edge. Used by commercial vendors who are serious about high OCR accuracy in their applications, OmniPage is the world's best-selling OCR technology. The OmniPage Cloud Service offers a modest set of APIs so your application can plug right in to the power of OmniPage OCR without breaking a sweat. Extraordinary text and PDF output from mobile camera images are just keystrokes away so you can quickly create competitive high-value products.

Every mobile platform is now within reach. With the OmniPage OCR engine in the cloud, any device with an internet connection that captures or stores images and scans can have the power of OmniPage OCR. Don't worry about building out systems, get the scalability and security you need -- fast. With Microsoft Azure we can offer data centers in North America, Europe and Asia in an instant. OmniPage Cloud Service gives you the advantage of being able to create competitive, high-value products that people want.

There's no obligation to buy, no headaches, no worries, and no fat applications limited to a few platforms.

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