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Keep Your Customers Safe and Secure

Identification and Verification (ID&V) is a crucial early step in many incoming business calls. However, most caller ID&V processes used today were designed years ago, before the current reality of identity theft and fraud.

With voice authentication technology from Nuance, you can make it easier for your customers to use your self-service system. Voice biometrics provides a more secure environment that reduces your fraud exposure and satisfies regulatory compliance. You'll decrease operating costs by automating your ID&V and reducing the need for live agents to verify customers' identities.

Why Nuance for your ID&V?

  • Cut costs by reducing reliance on agents to identify customers
  • Reduce the potential for fraud and identity theft
  • Improve customer service with a convenient means of security
  • Comply with related regulation (e.g. FFIEC)
  • Nuance's full range of professional services will lead your commercially successful deployment

Improve Automation and Save Money

Authentications by a live customer service representative take about 30 seconds of agent time. Automating this process can save you about $0.50 per call. And on average, about 5-10% of your callers forget their account number or PIN and need to talk to an agent. For these callers you're missing a chance to automate the rest of the call.

Reduce the Potential for Fraud and Identity Theft

You can reduce fraud and comply with regulations all while offering your customers better peace of mind. Completely automating your ID&V process can prevent security attacks by insiders or by social engineering.

More Convenient for your Customers

A voice biometrics system provides stronger security without compromising convenience. When your callers can easily remember their knowledge credentials, they find the ID&V process faster and easier. You'll have more satisfied customers who are encouraged to continue using with your self-service system.

Improve Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Most agent authentication processes rely only on knowledge questions, which can be as much as 25% vulnerable to an imposter attack. Requiring additional authentication factors is an important defense against growing security threats. Speaker verification solutions are a highly secure, cost-effective way for you to provide multi-factor authentication over the phone by combining voice biometrics with knowledge-based questions to collect "something the user is" and "something the user knows."

Proven Technology

Nuance's voice biometrics technology has been available for nearly 15 years. Our product portfolio was further bolstered with the acquisition of voice biometrics provider PerSay in late 2010. Nuance ID&V solutions are in production in over 120 contact centers around the globe.


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